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Expansion in Seattle a Priority for Silver?

According to Fox Sports Ohio, Seattle is on Silver's radar

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

According to a recent report by Fox Sports' Sam Amico, Adam Silver knows there is a basketball gap in Seattle... and he intends to fill it.

During last night's Super Bowl presentation, Fox flashed images of the 1979 Supersonics, the last pro team in Seattle to win a Championship (yeah, yeah, I see you Storm). The NBA seems to be paying attention to us, and if they're not now, then the estimated one million people lining Fourth Avenue on Wednesday for the Seahawks' victory parade should open their eyes.

During a recent NBA game on ESPN, Jeff Van Gundy scolded his cohorts for lumping the Thunder in with the Sonics, something that neither fans in Seattle or Oklahoma City want. Van Gundy then went on to talk about how much Seattle deserves an NBA franchise again.

One great part about this article is when Amico points out how passionate our fan base was, and still is, flying in the face of the national rhetoric that we let the team go by not being present enough. Amico also quotes the all-knowledgeable "league sources" when he says that the method of us getting a team is still up in the air, but that nobody wants to see the Bucks leave Milwaukee, a valued NBA city with a rich history. Amico also says that the NBA is not totally against a one-team expansion and that Silver will make Seattle a priority, "according to those in the know."