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Who Are the Bottom Ten Teams in the NBA?

Edited by Tiffany Villigan

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Let's face it, in sports there is always going to be a winner and a loser. Except in soccer. But in basketball, yes. And some teams are going to lose more than other teams. Below are the ten teams that we think will lose the most.

Rank Team Highest Rank Lowest Rank Average Rank
30 Sixers_logo_medium
28 30 29.8

The Sixers will, once again, find themselves in the depths of the standings after they, once again, opted for next year. While we will finally get our first look at Nerlens Noel, 2014 lottery picks Joel Embiid and Dario Saric will not be suiting up for Philly this year, and there are already rumors of the team looking to ship out reigning Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams. At some point they have to stop rebuilding and start actually building, right? Right?

Rank Team Highest Rank Lowest Rank Average Rank
29 Magic_logo_medium
24 29 27.3

I'm not sure what's going on in Orlando. The team signed Ben Gordon, who was sitting at home for four months after being cut by Charlotte, to a $4.5 million a year deal just so they could reach the salary floor. While having that little salary is great for the owners, it usually doesn't transition into a whole bunch of wins. However, they are a young team with room to improve and Aaron Gordon and Elfrid Payton should be fun to watch. We get to see what kind of leader Victor Oladipo can be, and Washington natives Luke Ridnour and Peyton Siva are on the roster as well.

Rank Team Highest Rank Lowest Rank Average Rank
28 Bucks_logo_medium
19 29 27.2

Milwaukee needs a lot of things. They drafted Jabari Parker, whom they believe to be the future face of the franchise. The problem? He plays the same position as their other future face of the franchise, Giannis Antetokounmpo. The solution to this is apparently to put the 6'11" Antetokounmpo at the point guard position, according to new coach Jason Kidd, for whom the Bucks gave up two second round picks after his failed power play in Brooklyn. This moves Brandon Knight, a real point guard, to the 2-guard spot because their only other option there is O.J. Mayo. Larry Sanders will, once he serves yet another suspension, come back after a nightmare season that not only saw his productivity drop, but also saw him get suspended and injured in a fight at a strip club. We won't even mention the arena situation.

Rank Team Highest Rank Lowest Rank Average Rank
27 Jazz_logo_medium
23 30 26.8

The Jazz took Dante Exum at number five in last June's draft, hoping he could play alongside point guard Trey Burke. Exum quickly shot that down, saying, in no uncertain terms, "I am a point guard." So now Utah faces a similar problem to Milwaukee in that their two young guns play the same position. The team's only big off-season move was to throw more money than he's worth at Gordon Hayward to stop him from going to Charlotte. Mercer Island's Quin Snyder has his work cut out for him.

Rank Team Highest Rank Lowest Rank Average Rank
26 Celtics_logo_medium
23 28 25.6

Is Rajon Rondo on his way out of Boston? Their owner called him uncoachable, adding to a rumor fire that was already sparking up pretty good. Gerald Wallace has a big expiring contract now that could help facilitate a trade as well. You know a team is in trouble when the first three sentences of a preview are about who they can trade. The team did bring back Avery Bradley (a Tacoma native) and still has former Sonic Jeff Green, who bloomed into a very capable player last year. Brad Stevens is a hell of a coach, but he needs players. Marcus Smart and James Young were solid picks in the draft, and they signed Evan Turner, who was, at one time, a basketball player.

Rank Team Highest Rank Lowest Rank Average Rank
25 Kings_logo_medium
21 27 24.2

If DeMarcus Cousins can keep his head screwed on straight, he can be a dangerous player. He was able to show some restraint during the FIBA World Cup when he stopped himself from clubbing Jonas Valanciunas in the back of the head. Progress! Meanwhile, the team downgraded their point guard position by letting Isaiah Thomas walk and instead signing Darren Collison and Ramon Sessions. Draftee Nik Stauskas can shoot the lights out, but is he an improvement over Ben McLemore? The team also brought back fan favorite Omri Casspi, who is a solid role player off the bench but little else. If Rudy Gay doesn't shoot them out of games, they could be higher than this, but we'll see.

Rank Team Highest Rank Lowest Rank Average Rank
24 Timberwolves_logo_medium
20 26 23.7

The Timberwolves have a lot to look forward to. Eventually. Not now, though. The team waited on trading Kevin Love until the right deal came along, and they ended up getting quite a haul: two number one draft picks, Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett, along with Thaddeus Young. The Wolves are hoping that Bennett can return to UNLV-form after a disastrous first year in Cleveland, and that Wiggins can be everything he has been hyped up to be since he was in high school. Young will be one of the older veterans on the team at the ripe age of 26. The team is currently in negotiations to extend point guard Ricky Rubio, or possibly acquire Eric Bledsoe.

Rank Team Highest Rank Lowest Rank Average Rank
23 Lakers_logo_medium
16 29 23.1

The Lakers will try to come back from being LOL Angeles by once again trotting out the corpses of Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant for as long as their bodies will hold up. Is it sad to see this once storied franchise reduced to rubble? Not if you're a Sonics fan. Of course, this is the Lakers so it's very possible they wind up trading a third round draft pick for Kevin Durant or something equally ridiculous that only the Lakers seem to be able to get away with. The team did acquire Jeremy Lin, who is an improvement over their backup point guard last year, which was no one. They also claimed Carlos Boozer off of waivers, which is a pretty good deal for the price. While he's no longer a 20-and-10 guy, he is a 14-and-8 guy and he leads the league in yelling "AND ONE!"

Rank Team Highest Rank Lowest Rank Average Rank
22 Pistons_logo_medium
19 28 23.0

The Pistons' big move this off-season was to sign Jodie Meeks to a three year, $19 million contract. Yes, Jodie Meeks. And this wasn't a late scramble, we-need-to-sign-someone-now, type move. This was early on in free agency. Meeks will compete for the shooting guard position with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, a second-year player who makes a third of what Meeks does. Greg Monroe signed a qualifying offer, basically punching his ticket out of town. Josh Smith is still there and still shooting ill-advised threes. Brandon Jennings apparently added 25 pounds of muscle this off-season, which could mean trouble. For whom, I'm not sure. Detroit's best move this year has been giving Stan Van Gundy the keys to the team, but so far it seems to be skidding out of his control.

Rank Team Highest Rank Lowest Rank Average Rank
21 Knicks_logo_medium
17 27 21.6

I'm not quite ready to buy in to Phil Jackson's beautiful mind just yet. Hiring Derek Fisher when he was still cashing checks from the Thunder seems odd at best to me. While I understand that Phil wanted a coach who could run the triangle offense, and I do think Fisher has the chops to be a coach someday, I think the Knicks should have learned from their cross-river rival about hiring a head coach who hasn't even gotten his sneakers off. While getting Raymond Felton off their roster was great, I'm not sure Jose Calderon is the answer they're looking for.