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BREAKING: Bartoszek files SEPA application in Tukwila

As promised, Ray Bartoszek and his group have filed a SEPA application with the City of Tukwila today

Not the prettiest thing, but it's an arena
Not the prettiest thing, but it's an arena
City of Tukwila

The Ray Bartoszek group has filed a SEPA application with the City of Tukwila for a " privately financed and owned multi-purpose sports and entertainment arena." They are calling it "Northwest Arena."

RLB Holdings Sports and Entertainment, LLC (the "Applicant") submits this application for SEPA review related to permits and approvals necessary to construct a privately financed and owned multi-purpose sports and entertainment arena, including a Development Agreement under Chapter 18.86 of Tukwila Municipal Code (TMC); street vacation(s); parking determination; design review, and other necessary approvals. The Proposal consists of a proposed arena and an ancillary parking structure, which will be located on multiple parcels located east of West Valley Highway (SR 181) and west of the Burlington Northern Railroad lying between Longacres Way on the south and Interstate 405 on the north (Exhibit 1, Vicinity Map). The Applicant or associated entities own or control parcels needed for the Proposal, as shown on the Vicinity Map. See attached Affidavit (Attachment A).

The proposed Northwest Arena includes construction of a privately financed and owned multi-purpose arena to host a variety of types and sizes of events. The Proposal would include an arena building, public-oriented spaces and plazas and a structured parking garage. The Northwest Arena's maximum attendance capacity would be up to about 19,500 people depending on the event and configuration and is expected to host about 230 events each year. A majority of the events are anticipated to be scheduled for evenings and weekends. In general, concerts and similar events could be configured to Northwest Arena SEPA Application accommodate the highest capacity at 19,500, with sporting events which include professional and special sport events having a lower capacity between 17,500 and 18,500. Corporate events would also be held at the arena and capacity would depend on the type of function. As a multi-purpose venue with a variety of uses, attendance for many events would range from 10,000 to 15,000 guests.

There you have it: one less reason to believe that the Tukwila proposal is not real. City documents, released earlier in the week as a result of a public disclosure request by Seattle Times reporter Geoff Baker, revealed a promise by Tukwila to expedite the review process, which normally takes six to twelve months.

If it is completed in six months, we will see the FEIS in October, which is a month or so after the NHL is rumored to be voting on expansion to Las Vegas. Could Tukwila encourage the league to offer a Letter of Intent? Time will tell.

Oh, and there are renderings! Not the prettiest I've ever seen, but they are of an arena, which is always a good thing. I'm sure there will be prettier pictures to come.