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Port of Seattle: Supporting Tukwila over SoDo

Port of Seattle and Northwest Seaport Alliance disclosure requests reveal that the Port has been involved with the Tukwila arena project to the point of attending design meetings. They also reveal that initial plans were to break ground on the arena in December of last year.

Seattle Sin Bin: Seattle arena; Calgary arena; UW Hockey

We end our holiday hiatus with a pair of guests from the Washington Huskies hockey club. We also discuss arena news in Seattle and Calgary. Oh, and we talk about the new Star Wars movie.

Still here, still working

The Seattle NHL parties are not giving up just yet

Geoff Baker talks arena roundup

Geoff Baker steps into the Sin Bin to discuss his recent reports on a potential remodel of KeyArena for NBA/NHL.

NBA/NHL Arena Potpourri: Part Ducks

We take another look at where things stand in our quest.

Seattle Sin Bin: Tuk, Puck, and Neil Roberts

We discuss today's Tukwila Arena news, Stanley Cup Final, and a new podcast, starring Neil Roberts

NHL Expansion fee makes NHL-first a challenge?

Geoff Baker suggests the NHL expansion fee may be holding up a Seattle arena and NHL first agreement.

Geoff Baker talks SoDo, Tuk, and Puck

Seattle Times sports business columnist Geoff Baker steps into the Sin Bin

Featured Fanshot

Transit Options for Arena Sites

Martin H. Duke from Seattle Transit Blog analyses the positives and negatives of the three potential arena sites (SODO, Bellevue and Tukwila) when it comes to public transit.

Bartoszek files for SEPA in Tukwila

As expected, Ray Bartoszek and RLB Holdings filed for SEPA review this afternoon for their Tukwila arena project.

Is Thomas Tull Behind the Curtain in Tukwila?

Did the Tukwila arena information dump reveal Thomas Tull as a possible NBA Seattle investor?

Tukwila Arena in the Lead?

New details emerge about the proposed arena in Tukwila.

Seattle Sin Bin: Daniels and Robinson talk Tukwila

Chris Daniels and Brian Robinson step into the Sin Bin to discuss the news that Ray Bartoszek has begun a public process to build an NBA/NHL arena in Tukwila.

Guess who's back

Ray Bartoszek has gone public with his intentions of building an arena in Tukwila.