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Sonicsgate films Occidental Ave. S at SoDo arena site

Sonicsgate spent 9 hours filming Occidental Ave. S on what should have been a "high traffic" day. Yet there was nearly zero traffic to be seen (as normal).


On February 29th, 2016, Sonicsgate spent the day filming Occidental Avenue S. in SoDo where the new Sonics Arena would be built.  Their findings of nearly no traffic all day long reflect the findings every other source outside of arena opponents like the Port of Seattle.  The Port of Seattle has had 4 years to provide evidence of why this street is so desperately needed by them.  In 4 years no evidence has been given.  They can make the claim but cannot back it up.

Email your Seattle City Council.  Sign the petition.  Get in the game!

It's #GameTime!

(If you'd like to see the full time lapse video Sonicsgate made you can find it here.)