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Seattle Hockey Name Tournament: Region Two

I have not exactly been a hockey guy from the start. Guys like Paul, Otto, and John have been on this from the word “go” on this movement. Hell, I think this is the first hockey article I think I’ve ever written. But this stuff is a lot of fun. Who doesn’t love a big tournament? People without internet in East Timor, that’s who! The fans actually have a voice in what the potential NHL team name is. How cool is that!? Thanks to Tim Leiweke for giving the fans a voice in the process. By no means is this an official poll, but it’s a lot of fun none-the-less.

Results from the 5-Hole Region:

Sea Lions defeat Mountaineers, 52-48
Wolves defeat Black Bears, 60-40
Emeralds defeat Navigators, 60-40
Metropolitans defeat Otters, 62-38

5-Hole Region Round 1 Results

The Metropolitans had the biggest showing the region, much to the chagrin of Jeff Brown. Dude hates the Mets name.

Now time for the Poke Checking Region, which contains my favorite name and my brother’s favorite name.

What are your favorite names? Sound off in the comments! Even the new people who have been looking at the site recently and all the lurkers out there who have yet to comment. Welcome to SonicsRising! Hope you enjoy your stay here.