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Seattle Hockey Name Tournament: Wrap Around Region

There is one region remaining to be played out in the first round of our tournament.

The Five Hole, Poke Checking, and Gross Misconduct regions have had all their matches come to a conclusion. We’ve had a blast engaging with all of the hockey fans in the area, you guys have really stepped it up. From discussions around goal horns, all the way to team colors and logos, the readers of Sonics Rising have made this a really fun tournament.

We now head deep into the final region, the Wrap Around region. The Thunderbirds, Kraken, and Pilots are all favorites to move on. Will there be an upset in this region? All signs point to yes as every region has had at least one upset.

Results from the 5-Hole Region:

Sea Lions defeat Mountaineers, 52-48
Wolves defeat Black Bears, 60-40
Emeralds defeat Navigators, 60-40
Metropolitans defeat Otters, 62-38

Results from the Poke Checking Region:

Steelheads defeat Grays, 84-16
Cascades defeat Freeze, 70-30
Sasquatch defeat Grunge, 78-22
Breakers defeat Triton, 61-39

Results from the Gross Misconduct Region:

Totems defeat Explorers, 80-20
Mammoths defeat Grinders, 77-23
Aviators defeat Admirals, 52-48
Sockeyes defeat Seals, 78-22

Wrap Around Region Matchups

I think this qualifies as a power region. It includes the Thunderbirds, which is a very popular name, though the rights to it are owned by a very proud WHL local franchise that might not want to give it up without hefty compensation. The Kraken, a Sonics Rising favorite championed by Chris “Kraken or I’ll Kraken some heads” Meirose.