Seattle sports fans are disdainful of Schultz's presidential bid


That's hardly news of course, but it's not very often that the New Yorker magazine mentions the Seattle SuperSonics. The article does have two very good quotes, one from Gas Man about how Schultz "doesn't know what he doesn't know", and one from Repanich "He doesn’t want to coalition-build—he wants to direct.". But it's a rather weak and (for Seattleites) non-informative article over all. Almost all of the quotes are from Repanich, Gas Man, and Softy, who are not terrible sources but not great ones. And the article makes the mistake of believing Softy's evaluation of the Payton-Ray Allen trade as being a mistake for the Sonics. In fact it was the one really good move made during Walker's regime: trading away a disgruntled over-the-hill star for a younger star in his prime. If Payton had stayed with the Sonics the results would have been all kinds of awful, with Payton not wanting to be here and being resentful. That the Sonics were able to get in return a player with future Hall of Fame credentials who was younger was a masterstroke.

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