Warriors’ eye successful season following impressive offseason

Many NBA pundits were disappointed by Golden State’s offseason signings, in part because general manager of the franchise Bob Myers didn’t use the squad’s $5.9m taxpayer mid-level oddity. But is it extremely possible people were a little unfair? Otto Porter Jr., whom they signed to a veteran-minimum contract worth $2.4m, is an intermediate-caliber talent who rebuffed bigger offers to sign for Golden State, according to best online casino Australia.

During the preseason, Otto Porter shot 55.2% from three-point range on six efforts per match, played flexible defense, and rebounded at an extremely high rate. Power forward Nemanja Bjelica, who also brought in a veteran-minimum deal with the Golden State Warriors, was extremely helpful also. Nemanja shot 44.4% from beyond the court arc, set accurate screens, and played well in defense.

The additional room to operate offered by Bjelica and Porter was a key reason Poole and Steph Curry looked in midseason shape. Even Andre Iguodala, whose offseason acquisition was generally considered more about reminiscence than basketball, appears like a good addition. Though past his prime at 37, he was a stabilizing force in preseason games and ranked second on the squad in terms of assists (3.8) and fourth in terms of minutes (19.1).

Meanwhile, Andrew Wiggins has to prove his preseason form was an anomaly. Ahead of the preseason, Wiggins’ refusal to get vaccinated — and the on-court consequences such a stance could offer — was a major story nationwide. But once Wiggins received his jab before the preseason-opening game, he disappeared from the discussions, in part because he was a non-factor on the basketball court.

In four matches, he recorded an average of 9.2 points on 35.1% shooting, 22.2% from 3-point range, recording 4.2 rebounds and 2 assists in about 18.9 minutes. For so long, Wiggins looked to go through the movements, jogging down the court and missing defensive calculations.

Given that the team is banking on him to divert his two-way dynamism this term. With Thompson out injured for at least another two months, Wiggins must be ready to prove he’s a worthy No. 2 or No. 3 scoring alternative, a perimeter stopper, and an on-court guide to younger teammates.

The Golden State Warriors have a valid shot at NBA title contention this season without a doubt. Putting Wiggins’ struggles aside, the Warriors must feel good about where it stands coming into Tuesday’s nationally televised opening fixture against the Lakers in the beautiful City of Los Angeles. The team is already moving the ball better than it did the last term, which is a good sign of purpose and intent. And with Jordan Poole looking like a player reliable enough to fill in for the injured Thompson, the Warriors team could be heading toward the apex of the Western Conference standings once the injured duo of Wiseman and Thompson return, and real money slots online will also be looking forward to their return.

If that occurs, the team might have as good a shot as any other team at a Finals run. All the other teams projected to contend for the title this season in the Western conference — Utah Jazz, Phoenix Suns, Denver Nuggets, Dallas Mavericks, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Los Angeles Clippers — have noteworthy questions marks.

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