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Voting tips for Sonics fans in Seattle.

Need somebody else to tell you who to vote for based on a single issue? Well I'm your guy.

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Det and GP

Will partisan politics kill the Bucks?

The partisan political atmosphere in Wisconsin could cause trouble for the Bucks as the state and local politicians are still far apart on an arena funding plan.

This isn't a two arena race, not yet.

The SoDo arena haters need to take a step back.

Seattle Sonics Arena EIS ready for review

The long awaited Seattle Sonics Arena EIS is finally ready for review. The EIS is a detailed document that should answer any reasonable question you have about it, and maybe some unreasonable questions, too.

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I think GP was born chewing on the refs

Atlanta Hawks bid falling short of expectations

The Atlanta Hawks could sell for $800 million, roughly $200 million less because they are denied relocation.

Still Waiting On the Seattle Process

While waiting for Seattle to finish the EIS, asking Adam Silver hypothetical questions is pointless and frustrating.


Coin toss, Gatorade, Katy Perry's boobs, we bet on it all.

Everybody needs to turn it down a notch.

If you are interested in moving forward, say so.