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Hope isn't a plan

The alternative is no.

Arena opponents threaten lawsuits and initiatives

Unhappy arena opponents threaten to sue the city, and to change the law that has failed them so miserably.

Mike McGinn responds to sore loser Bob Wallace

Bellevue property owner Bob Wallace would Seattle to stop trying to get an arena shovel ready.

Light rail supports a Key Arena remodel... in 2038

Waiting for light rail to support a Key Arena remodel in 2038 is far too long.

Watch the meeting here

Watch it here. [updated with archived video from the event.]

Seattle Times can't handle the truth

Tim Burgess and the mayor's office issue public responses to the inaccurate reporting by Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times and the Seattle Times Editorial Board.

Seattle City Council begins to address the arena

Seattle City Council is planning to adopt the arena meeting schedule at today's Full Council meeting. Watch it here, live.

Outgoing Port Commish: "We can make SoDo work"

The arena could work in SoDo if freight mobility issues were addressed, according to Port of Seattle Commissioner Bill Bryant.

SoDo kicks Key Arena where the sun don't shine

The complaining from the Port of Seattle through their newspaper, the Seattle Times, has ratcheted up.

1st day of NBA season, Seattle turns to politics.

Sonics Rising asked candidates for Seattle City Council 5 questions about the arena proposed by Chris Hansen.