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Seattle Arena

All updates on the battle to get a new arena built in Seattle.

KeyArena RFP process opens Wednesday, proposals due April 12

Mayor Ed Murray: Chris Hansen “is not going to bring us a team.”

Speaking to KUOW, the Mayor seemed less than optimistic about Chris Hansen’s abilities

Leiweke discusses Hansen, KeyArena on Brock and Salk

OVG hires former Seahawks exec for KeyArena redux

Seattle Arena Group reiterates new offer to city; street vacation dependent on NBA or NHL team

Letter to Seattle mayor and city council offers simple, clear terms for new arena agreement

Featured Fanshot

Chris Hansen talks Seahawks, Arena

KING 5's Chris Daniels tracked down Seattle Arena investor Hansen after the Seahawks game to talk about Russell Wilson and the Sodo arena plan.

KeyArena proposal timeline & neighbor concerns

As the mayor lays out an official proposal timeline, city officials fielded many questions about bringing the NBA and NHL to a remodeled KeyArena at a meeting with Uptown residents.

AEG and Oak View Group: Who are they?

Two groups show interest in renovating Seattle's KeyArena. Who are they?

Game Changer: Arena investors offer to go private

In exchange for the Occidental Ave street vacation, the Hansen group makes an offer to go private and contribute to the Lander Street overpass project.

Once more, with feeling: KeyArena will never be a suitable NBA arena again

Even the KeyArena site is not viable without major, MAJOR renovations

Hansen snags more SoDo land; now $123M invested

A new report reveals the Seattle Arena investment group has made another big land purchase related to the project.

More Land Bought: "This is all about the Sonics"

Chris Hansen reaffirms his commitment to Sonics Arena, purchasing another four acres of SODO land

Holding Pattern

Business of opposing the Seattle arena

Seattle Times doing business with the Port of Seattle while joining them in opposition to the SoDo arena.

Could Lander Street funding help Chris Hansen?

Art Thiel says federal grant could create an opening for Hansen’s arena project

Ackerley and Sonics together again?

A PDR request reveals a new (old) name

Seattle basketball fans suffer another setback

Once again, basketball fans are wondering why a victory cannot be had for them in the city of Seattle.

Seattle City Council meeting live thread

The saga surrounding the Occidental Avenue vacation is finally scheduled to come to an end.

It's time to make our voices heard in City Hall!

Participate in our #ArenaYes campaign by creating and rebroadcasting #ArenaYes and #VacateOccidental comments on all your social media platforms starting at 11 and building throughout the day. Lets see how loud we can be.

Bagshaw and Herbold introduce anti-NHL poison pill

Council members Sally Bagshaw and Lisa Herbold will attempt to attach an anti-NHL amendment to the legislation to vacate Occidental Avenue for the Sodo arena on Monday. The amendment is a poison pill that threatens to weaken or kill the arena.

SoDo sports teams, Chris Hansen reach scheduling agreement

KING-5 News Breaking: SoDo sports team reach event scheduling agreement with Chris Hansen, resolving an issue with Seattle City Council. The street vacation needed for the arena to move forward is expected to pass.

Featured Fanshot

Sonicsgate releases Seattle Arena Information packet

The producers of Sonicsgate have created a Seattle Arena Information packet for the Seattle City Council. There's a ton of good info in there so we encourage you to read the whole thing for yourself.

Seattle Arena moves a step closer to reality

Sonics fans get a win, 4 - 1, and a step closer to a shovel ready arena. Seattle City Council full council votes on vacating a street needed for the new arena on May 2nd.

Council proposes amendments to arena petition

A Central Staff memo lays out the proposed amendments to the street vacation petition

Committee hears final pitches on street vacation

The Seattle City Council's Sustainability and Transportation committee heard presentations from SDOT and the Port of Seattle regarding the vacation of a portion of Occidental Ave S to make way for a new multipurpose arena

Arena opponents threaten lawsuits and initiatives

Unhappy arena opponents threaten to sue the city, and to change the law that has failed them so miserably.

Chris Daniels examines potential Seattle scheduling agreement

The KING 5 reporter examines the stadium district in Philadelphia and compares it to our own

Port of Seattle: Supporting Tukwila over SoDo

Port of Seattle and Northwest Seaport Alliance disclosure requests reveal that the Port has been involved with the Tukwila arena project to the point of attending design meetings. They also reveal that initial plans were to break ground on the arena in December of last year.

Light rail supports a Key Arena remodel... in 2038

Waiting for light rail to support a Key Arena remodel in 2038 is far too long.

The public benefits of Seattle Arena, part 3

Even more public benefits from Seattle Arena's MOU with the City of Seattle

The public benefits of Seattle Arena, part 2

That's right, there's more

This stream has:

The public benefits of Seattle Arena

Yes, it IS more than an arena


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