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Sonics Rising Week In Review: December 23rd to 29th

The week is over and here is what Sonics Rising covered this week, just in case you happened to miss anything. Hope you and yours had a great holiday and are ready to celebrate the New Year!

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On This Day in Sonics History: December 23, 1999 - GP for THREEEEE by Taylor Bartle
Gary Payton scored 33 points and shot a franchise-record 17 three pointers (he hit 7). He also dished out 8 assists and pulled down 6 rebounds. Horace Grant had a double-double, 12 points and 11...

The NBA Draft Wheel? by Taylor Bartle
Could the NBA be ready to introduce the "Draft Wheel?" Would this solve tanking or is this just too crazy?

The Festivus Night: Airing of Grievances by Kevin Nesgoda
Alright Sonics fans, let it out. Not as much venting as I thought would happen.

Sonics Bruising: Week Eight Roundup by Paul Rogers
Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee. Well, not much floating going on, but definitely lots of stinging. We give you week eight of the Sonics Bruising League.

Game Preview: '96 Seattle Supersonics vs. '91 Portland Trail Blazers Christmas Day Spectacular by Kevin Nesgoda
Hop into the time machine with us and watch the '96 Sonics take on the '91 Blazers on Christmas Day!

'Twas the Night Before the Big Games by Sonics Guy
'Twas the night before the big games, when all through the league, NBA fans were getting ready to watch the Bulls' Marquis Teague. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care...

Game Recap: '96 Seattle Supersonics Defeat '91 Portland Trail Blazers, 118-106 in Super Team Showdown by Kevin Nesgoda
Shawn Kemp and the Sonics delivered a great present to the residents of Seattle, stomping the 1991 Blazers, 118-106.

Potential Expansion Partner Emerges by Taylor Bartle
Could Las Vegas be joining the NBA? They have arena plans!

How Does Sonics Rising Improve in 2014? by Kevin Nesgoda
The managing editor of the site wants to know how he can make the site better for each of the readers. Definitely leave a comment here if you haven't already.

NBA Realignment: How Divisions Should Look With Seattle and Las Vegas Expansions by Kevin Nesgoda
Las Vegas continues to push the envelope on expansion and Seattle would still prefer to go that route. Assuming both cities will eventually get what they want, here is how a 32 team NBA should look.