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Sources: NBA Television Contract Talks Progressing

The NBA is reaching continues to reach new heights in popularity each year and they are going to be looking to capitalize on this with a new television contract.

Patrick McDermott

In the Spring the NBA said they would begin new television contract talks later in the summer that would net the NBA a new record viewing contract. I have learned through a couple of close sources that talks have actually been happening for the better part of seven weeks now between the NBA and ABC/ESPN and Turner Broadcasting.

The new deal would be an extension of their current that expires on June 30, 2016. The extension would run until 2026 and be in the neighborhood of $1.3 billion. The talks between the NBA and the current networks are currently going well with Adam Silver, not David Stern, being the point man in the talks on behalf of the NBA.

Networks such as NBC, CBS and Fox were hoping to be able to jump into negotiations, but the current contract allows the incumbent networks a full year to renegotiate the contract before the NBA could look elsewhere to find a new suitor for their product.

Will report more details as I find out more.

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