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Sonics Rising Week In Review: Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks!

The Seattle Seahawks are going to the Super Bowl! Plus, Kevin argues that Paul George is better than Kevin Durant, gives us his game to look forward to this week and dishes out a killer BBQ chili recipe! Be sure to check up on everything that happened this week on Sonics Rising!

Edited by Joanna Nesgoda

Richard Sherman is ready to take on Randy Orton on Raw for the WWE Championship!
Richard Sherman is ready to take on Randy Orton on Raw for the WWE Championship!

Normally I don't get excited when a team not named the Philadelphia Eagles makes the Super Bowl (yes, at this point I'm used to disappointment) However, the Seattle Seahawks are heading back to the Super Bowl!  I do care about that, even though I am not their biggest fan. The Seahawks making the Super Bowl is a huge deal for the city of Seattle after so much heartbreak over the years.  Seattle needs a championship right now; maybe it will help with the healing of losing the Sonics.

It could be the start of a great sports month for Seattle:

February 1: Stern retires.
February 2: Seahawks win Super Bowl.
February 15: Adam Silver gives more details on Seattle/Vegas expansion.
February 24: Gary Bettman grants Seattle an expansion team.

One can dream, right?

Again, congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks and all the true fans of the team out there.  You all deserve it.

Sonicsgate to Air on ESPN by Paul Rogers
Requiem for a Team will hit the airwaves on February 7.

Greatest of All-Time: 1979 Seattle Supersonics by Paul Rogers
The older the violin, the sweeter the music. It doesn't get any sweeter than 1979.

Sonics Bruising: Week Eleven Roundup by Paul Rogers
Keep those shoes away from J.R. Smith. We give you Week Eleven of the Sonics Bruising League.

London's Call? A Quiet One - For Now by Colm Heaney
The question has, albeit inadvertently, become something of a punchline.

On This Day in Sonics History: January 15, 1997 - Raining Threes by Taylor Bartle
The Sonics demolished the Toronto Raptors by a final score of 122-78 after hitting a team record 15 three pointers. Eight of those came from "Big Smooth" Sam Perkins, who did not miss from behind the arc and tied an NBA record as such.

Knowing Your Role in the NBA: The Career of Rashard Lewis by Mitch Northam
In his 15th season and at 34 years of age, Rashard Lewis has been on many teams and gone through many role changes. Most of those he has adapted to and excelled at, even now with the Miami Heat.

Silver: "We'd Love to See a Team Back in Seattle" by Paul Rogers
'Under the right circumstances', Silver wants a team back in Seattle.

On This Day in Sonics History: January 17, 2000 - Paul Gets #50 by Taylor Bartle
Paul Westphal recorded his 50th victory as head coach of the Sonics, defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 82-81. Gary Payton led the way with 36 points.

NFL Conference Championships Game Thread by Taylor Bartle
Winners go to the Super Bowl. Losers go home.

My Game of the Week:  There are a lot of good games this week.  Most involve the Pacers or Blazers in some form, but the game I'm looking forward to is a Finals rematch on Sunday: Spurs at Heat on ABC at 10am.  Hopefully Popovich doesn't sit out his big three this game like he did in their first meeting last year.

My Crazy Thought of the Week: There was an old saying "chicks dig the long ball" that accompanied the steroid era in baseball and I feel that we as Americans continue to shun defensive prowess.  We focus on offensive stats and only offensive stats.  In turn, we think the best offensive player is the best player.  We all know that LeBron James is the best basketball player alive and we all assume Kevin Durant is the second best player in the NBA.  However, the more I watch the Pacers and the more I watch the Thunder, the more I think Paul George (with his excellent defense) is actually the second best player in the NBA.

It passes the eye test.  I'll have to start putting the numbers together to see if my theory has legs or I'm just insane. I'm sure you can and will support the latter.

BBQ Tip of the Week: This time of year I love a good chili (actually any time of year).  I will not lie to you about this. Here is a recipe that is being shared for the first time ever.  Actually all of these recipes I'm sharing with you aren't known outside my brain.

Here's your shopping list:

8 pounds tomatoes - I use hothouse, you can use whatever you like.

2 red peppers

1 green pepper

1 Anaheim pepper

1 Poblano pepper

3 habenero peppers

1 large sweet onion

6-8 garlic cloves

2 pounds bison meat (or beef)

1 can organic black beans

1 can red kidney beans

1 dark chocolate bar

1-tablespoon cumin

2 tablespoons chili powder

¼ brown sugar

1 teaspoon cayenne

First, chop your tomatoes in half and seed them.  Get your grill hot using some nice hickory wood to get the smoke going.  Put the tomatoes face down on the grill, along with the all the peppers (uncut) also on the grill.  You want to cook this until there is some nice charring going on.  Pull off and let cool.

While your tomatoes and peppers cool, take the bison, onion and garlic and cook it down until the garlic and onion sweat a bit.  Don't let them get translucent-meat should still be a little pink.  Remove from heat and either put into slow cooker or stock pot (however you're going to let the chili simmer).

Back to the tomatoes!

Peel the skin off the tomatoes (should be easy once they've cooled) and drop them into a blender along with the unseeded habeneros.  Blend until it is smooth, combine with the meat, onions and garlic.

Take the other peppers, chop them up and remove the seeds.  Leave them whichever size you like, dump them into the pot along with the cans of beans, and add the seasonings and stir.

I use a slow cooker and love to let the chili come to a slow bubble before I break up the chocolate and add that in.

I let simmer about six hours, but it's done in about three.  Top with some shredded Tillamook cheddar cheese and you are in chili heaven!