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Will the NHL Black Knights Triumph in Vegas?

More details surface regarding the move to bring the NHL to Las Vegas.

The Black Knight Always Triumphs
The Black Knight Always Triumphs
Monty Python

According to a report from The Hockey News, prospective owners of a potential NHL expansion franchise in Las Vegas have both chosen a name and added a name.

The name added was to the ownership group. It's a big one and a Great One: Wayne Gretzky.

The name chosen, or at least the name currently preferred, is the potential team name. It won't be the Gamblers or the Aces or the Bunny Ranchers or anything like that. It will apparently be the Black Knights. I didn't see that coming.

"I love the name Black Knights, because I was a West Point guy, I went to Army," [potential majority owner William] Foley told Hockey Night in Canada's Elliotte Friedman in a sit down interview about his prospective ownership.

The Black Knights didn't make me think of West Point and its football team that goes up against the Navy Midshipmen every year. It made me think of other things.



Okay. It's the Dark Knight, not the Black Knight, but give me a break.


What do you think of Gretzky's involvement and the Black Knights as a team name in Las Vegas?