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Making Seattle Whole - Another National Media Backer

David Aldridge Calls for Adam Silver to restore the NBA to Seattle.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

David Aldridge has come out as strongly in support of Seattle getting an NBA team back, and has gone so far as to call out Adam Silver on to get on it ASAP in an interview released today (click through above for that interview).

Says Aldridge:

"There is one area of unfinished business [Stern's] that Adam Silver should make his first issue of new business.  And that's making Seattle whole.  Long before the Seahawks run to the Super Bowl, we knew how passionate Seattle fans were, having watched them support the Sonics for 40 years.  So Silver should make a declaration as soon as possible.  And make it public.  The next city to get an NBA team will be Seattle.  Period.  Whether that is through expansion or relocation.  Now I'm not a fan of either by the way, but the people of Seattle have waited long enough.  Silver needs to make sure that city's history doesn't just end with the Sonics championship."

And Aldridge closes with this:

"There's still one black mark against the city [Seattle], and Silver needs to erase it."

Thank you David Aldridge for knowing what we've always known.

Adam Silver, it is time.  Right the wrong.  Make us whole.  Restore us.  Be our NBA savior.

Sonics fans, don't stop believing.  Momentum is building!