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Examining the idea of a Seattle SuperSonics D-League team, part 2

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

In part one of our examination of creating an NBA Development League team for the Seattle SuperSonics, we asked you guys where such a team should be located. Here are the final results:

Spokane narrowly beat out Tacoma, so we're going to move forward with putting our hypothetical D-League team there. Now let's talk team names, shall we? Here are just a few suggestions.

Spokane SuperSonics

This has become a growing trend of late, with the Austin Spurs, Santa Cruz Warriors, Westchester Knicks, and Long Island Nets all adopting their parent team's name. It's not the most clever and can be somewhat confusing, but... brand unity, I guess?

SuperSonics 509

This is a dumb thing that the Raptors did by using Ontario's area code and calling their D-League team Raptors 905. There's not even a city name. It's dumb. Do not vote for this one.

Spokane SemiSonics

Originally suggested in a previous D-League article by Barely Able, this makes sense when you think about it. They're not quite super yet, are they? Plus they could always play "Closing Time" at the end of games.

Spokane Sun Kings

It's not Yakima, but why not? The team could still honor the past minor league basketball in the state. There may be some objections from the pro teams in Phoenix and Sacramento, but then again neither of them uses the words "Suns" or "Kings" in any D-League branding.

Spokane Hoops

Okay, stick with me. I wanted to find some way to incorporate the country's largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament and this is the best I could come up with. I realize it's not great, but hey, you've already got a team called the Nets, why not the Hoops?

What other suggestions do you have? Let us hear them.