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The Seattle Storm have a new, familiar look

The Seattle Storm have updated their colors to: green, white, yellow, and gray.

Seattle Storm change the colors of their logo.
Seattle Storm change the colors of their logo.
Seattle Storm

It's the off-season for the WNBA, so until the WNBA Draft takes place in April, there isn't a whole lot going on with the Seattle Storm.  However, earlier this week the Storm made some updates to their logo.  While the logo itself has not changed, the color scheme has.  The red has been removed entirely and the gold has switched to yellow.  It is interesting to see the color scheme change instead of a full logo redesign.

Why was the color of the logo changed now?  Was it to usher in a new era of Storm basketball (#1 Picks in the Draft in 2015 and 2016)?  Was it a sign to support the Sonics?  The Sonics Arena is on pace to complete all its preconstruction objectives this year.

At this time, the Seattle Storm have posted the new color scheme logo on their Facebook account but have not made an official announcement about the change.  It is unclear if this is a permanent update to the logo.  I have reached out to the team for confirmation and will update if I get a response.

Let us know what you think about the new colors.  Do you like them more or less than the original design?  Would you have preferred the Storm completely redesign the logo instead?