#SonicBoomDay: A helpful form to reach out to city leaders on April 17th

Jeff Shulman

Sonic Boom Day is next Monday, April 17th!

Seattle City Council’s Select Committee on Civil Arenas will meet for the first time following the deadline for the KeyArena Renovation Request for Proposals. Limited public comments will be allowed at the committee meeting, but there are many ways to get your voice out to support whichever arena choice you get behind.

Below is a handy written form by Professor Jeff Shulman of the Seattle Growth Podcast for you to use to contact various city leaders regarding your feelings on the arena decision.

When reaching out to councilmembers to express your support, be succinct and be respectful. Whatever you feel about the process to choose a new arena, these are the decision-makers. Treating them rudely offers nothing to the effort.


I live in [WHERE YOU LIVE]. I am reaching out in support of [CHOOSE: A SODO ARENA / A SEATTLE CENTER ARENA] . I have been learning about the key issues from [ENTER INFORMATION SOURCE (E.G., SEATTLE GROWTH PODCAST or SONICS RISING)]. I recognize [ARENA YOU DO NOT SUPPORT] has the benefit of [ACKNOWLEDGE ONE BENEFIT OF ALTERNATIVE].

However, I believe [CHOOSE: SODO/ SEATTLE CENTER] is the right choice because [REASON 1, REASON 2, AND REASON 3].

I hope you will support [ENTER ARENA]. Thank you for your time.


Sally Bagshaw

Tim Burgess

Lorena Gonzalez

Bruce Harrell

Lisa Herbold

Rob Johnson

Debora Juarez

Mike O’Brien

Kshama Sawant

Ed Murray

Helpful tips for your contact

  • Be respectful.
  • Tell where you live.
  • Share what you want and the reasons for it.
  • Be concise.
  • Avoid threatening of any kind, even with your vote.
  • Thank Councilmember or aide.

Have fun, have passion, be direct and respectful, and show your support for your site/project of preference. Let's bring back our Sonics!

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