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If I had to choose - OVG vs AEG scoreboards

We’re not the mayor, but we have opinions!

ANZ Premiership - Pulse v Steel
Both scoreboards are nicer than this.
Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

When OVG and Seattle Partners submitted proposals to renovate KeyArena, they also submitted renderings of how the interior of the arena would look if they had their druthers. One of the key visual elements of both proposals is the scoreboard design.

OVG: Dual Scoreboards

This design involves coolness and uniqueness factors. Have you ever seen scoreboards that look quite like this? I haven’t.

The Dynamic Duo?

Is this way partially to compensate for the overhanging press box. People in the upper deck beneath the box will have an unobstructed view of the ice, but would they have a perfect view of a center scoreboard? It’s hard to tell from the renderings, but it could be a factor.

Another factor could be the nature of the game of hockey. If your eyes are focused on the goal area, do you really want to have to look left or right to see the scoreboard? No! I say no! It’s much better just to glance upward.

Whatever the reason, I love the design. Really cool.

AEG: Ginormous Center Scoreboard

Not to be insensitive, but size matters. The bigger, the better. You want that supersized? Scoreboard got back.

When they show Coach Popovic on the screen, do you want to see every whisker and divot on his grizzled face? Do you want to be able to watch the latest Star Wars movie after the game on a theater sized screen? Yes! I say yes!

My thoughts

I love the size of AEG’s scoreboard. I love the coolness of OEG’s dual scoreboards. Could OVG simply make their scoreboards much bigger for the best of both worlds? Why not?

I lean toward OVG, but how do you feel?


Which scoreboard design ya got?

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