Nick Collison's number to be retired


I have mixed feelings. Collison had a long career with just one franchise and I respect him, but even if he'd spent all those seasons in Seattle I don't think he'd deserve to have his number in the rafters with MacMillan, Brown, etc. The franchise's new city seems to be desperate to find a player to honor and Durant is clearly not going to be given that honor. So Collison. Which seems a stretch to me, but we're not talking about Sonics retired numbers and hey it's nice for Nick Collison.

Durant wants to be an NBA owner; for Seattle would be 'great story'


Kevin Durant wants to be an NBA team owner and will look around at any opportunity after he retires. If he can help bring a team back to Seattle, he'd be all for that.

"It's just the fact that I played there and I get so much love there," Durant said. "More than any city in the league probably. Look, it would be a great story. But it would be a lot of hard work, it won't be easy because it's Seattle. After the press release and the first couple of weeks it's straight to work. I know people want to tie me into Seattle a lot, and I love being part of that, but I'm not just waiting for that opportunity. Any opportunity that comes around where I could become [part of] an ownership group or a front office or anywhere I could just help the team as of right now in my life I would go for it, but who knows what will happen at the end of my career?"

More from ESPN at the link.

BREAKING: NHL Board of Governors to Vote to Expand to Seattle in December


The Seattle ownership group and mayor Jenny Durkan made their formal presentation to the NHL executive committee this morning. Judging by the constant stream of tweets by King5’s Chris Daniels and Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times, things went pretty well.

Meet Gary Payton this Thursday


Gary Payton will be doing a meet-and-greet at the Pioneer Square Simply Seattle store this Thursday. This is your chance to show the Glove some love! The event is free but VIP tickets are available at the link.

Tim Grgurich wins assistant coach award


One things that one has to say about George Karl: his assistant coaching staff with the Sonics was exceptionally talented. We've known about Kloppenburg, and now Grgurich has been officially recognized. Casey and Stotts have become head coaches, very successful ones last season (although their teams underperformed in the playoffs).

Mariners "Turn Ahead the Clock Night" features Sonics


The Mariners recently held "Turn Ahead the Clock Night," where they fast forwarded to the year 2027. Turns out, the Sonics will be back by then, and they'll be GOOD.

Dwyane Wade wants to own the Sonics


"I want Seattle’s team, the Sonics, to come back. I think Seattle is a great basketball town. I would love to be a part of that."

Kevin Calabro skeptical about Howard Schultz


I don't know if it's really Kevin Calabro's twitter account (it seems to be), but KC reacted to Aaron Levine's put-down of Schultz's announcement with a diss of his own.

Gary Payton thinks "Seattle will have a team in the next 3-4 years"


Gary Payton breaks down the latest on bringing the NBA back to Seattle