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A GREAT Sonic Fan Response

Rommel S. Villalobos got a surprise (and mistaken) text from former Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and had the PERFECT response!

Kevin Durant with a bit of Sonics nostalgia


I may be a couple days late, but even Kevin Durant thinks back to his days in Seattle every now-and-again. It's not throwback Thursday quite yet, but it's awesome nonetheless.

Ty Lawson wants a team in Seattle


In a Reddit AMA, the Denver Nuggets' Ty Lawson was asked where he would put a new NBA team. His answer was perfect.

Gary Payton Takes In His Son's Game for Oregon State


Gary Payton II and the Beavers take on #7 Arizona.

Two Sonics Fans with David Stern


You guys write the caption. What would you say or do in this situation? I'll give away one of our sweet new shirts to the best one.

The Blog Without a Team


Maybe in a galaxy not too far away we'll have one again. Create your own here: and share it with us. Keep it appropriate.