Macklemore, in full Sonics gear, challenges Shawn Kemp to 1-on-1


Macklemore will be playing KeyArena on December 22 after defeating Shawn Kemp in a game of 1-on-1, as is standard practice.

RIP Chris Cornell


Soundgarden/Temple of the Dog/Audioslave singer Chris Cornell was found dead this morning. Cornell was one of the people who created "the Seattle sound" and he left a permanent imprint on this city. He was also an avid sports fan and here is a video of him lamenting the Sonics leaving (WARNING: strong language). RIP Chris. I hope you're happier now wherever you are.

Shawn Kemp schools a rec league in this commercial for the WA lottery


Apparently if you win the lottery, you can pay the Reign Man to come dominate your rec league.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Kemp!


He's 47 today. If you are trying to think of gift ideas, I bet a new NBA/NHL arena is on his list.

Sonics Awakens


My Sonics Version of the Star Wars Force Awakens Trailer for the March 15th meeting

How to make the Sonics in NBA 2K16


If you're a gamer and own the latest and greatest NBA game, here is a YouTube tutorial on how to add your favorite team to the mix. Stephen Curry looks good in that green and gold, doesn't he?

Seattle Arena FEIS: T-Minus 1 Week - An Anniversary


"We ready."

After a busy week of arena news, we come to an interesting day in the process. As we have confirmed, everything is on track for the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the SoDo arena proposal to be published and released to city & county councils and the general public next Thursday. That's 7 days, folks!

The cake is baked. They are putting on the final icing to look and taste good.

To mark the final week, we recognize that today, Thursday, April 30, 2015, is actually the two-year anniversary of the date Chris Hansen's WSA Properties III, LLC ("ArenaCo") submitted its land use application with the city of Seattle to secure the Master Use Permit necessary to begin construction. It truly is hard to believe how time flies.

Next week, we'll get into things like next steps in the process, timelines and deadlines, potential league news, as well as expected statements from the ownership group and various political entities. Then, we get to dive into the intricacies of the FEIS itself, as we know how much you all enjoy the wonderful world of environmental review.

For now, enjoy the week. As busy as this week has been, May promises to be even more crazy. We ready.

Seattle Arena FEIS: T-Minus 2 Weeks - On Schedule


We've hit the two-week mark until the Final Environmental Impact Statement for the SoDo arena proposal is released to the public. For those who might not have seen our story earlier in the week on the tweaks to the SoDo arena designs, we'd just like to reiterate that we spoke with the Seattle Department of Planning and Development last Friday and confirmed that the FEIS is on schedule to be published May 7th.

Last Thursday, the Sonics Arena team presented those tweaks and information on the urban design merit and public benefit of the project to the Seattle Design Commission. The Seattle Department of Transportation has also begun reviewing materials on the project. Both agencies will present important recommendations to the city council regarding vacating the portion of Occidental Ave S that currently cuts through the arena site.

On May 21st, the SDC will vote to decide their recommendation on the merit of the urban design. Then, on June 18th, the SDC will vote on what to recommend to the council on the public benefit of the street vacation and the arena project. SDOT's recommendation is expected in Q3.

Things are heating up. Keep rallying, my friends!

Jamal Crawford: Sky’s The Limit – Interview with Ballislife


Ballislife interview with Jamal Crawford before his 2014/15 season with the Clippers. Crawford shares stories about going undefeated in summers with Michael Jordan, playing on Jay Z's Rucker Park Dream Team, ending Steve Smith's career and breaking NBA records. (Hat tip: HoopSmack)

Jamal Crawford Got Moves


206 legend, Jamal Crawford, does some things casually with the basketball most have never seen before. It's cool y'all.