My thoughts on the Key Arena renovation


Some thoughts on the (potential) third renovation of the Key Arena

Shawn Kemp pens an op-ed on the Sonics for the Players Tribune


"Seattle, man. I never left it." Shawn Kemp is the hero we remember and love. We all miss the Sonics, Shawn.



Jaquan Brisker, a safety at Lackawanna CC near Pittsburgh, has signed with the Univ of Alabama. Any long-time Sonics fan should immediately wonder: Brisker? Pittsburgh? Yes, he's the grandson of John Brisker. He even started playing basketball in high school but quit in order to focus on football and improving his academic record. Somewhat troubling, in addition to the academics: his brother was killed a few years ago, so there's a high mortality rate in this family.

Alexa says bring back the Sonics


I don't know if this is legit -- I don't own any Amazon devices -- but according to this video if you ask Alexa what her favorite basketball team is, she says "the Sonics, before they were stolen".

Kevin Durant says "no such thing" as loyalty in NBA


Kevin Durant speaks about his switch from OKC to Oakland and how teams should be held to the same standard as players when it comes to loyalty. Yes, Seattle comes up.

Help Sonics Guy Keep His House


"The house I live in was my grandfather's house. It has been in our family for three generations. I have tried my best to keep on top of things, including arrangements I made to pay back taxes on the house. Unfortunately, the delay in getting funds has created a situation where Pierce County wants all of back taxes I owe immediately or they are going to take my house."

Turkey seeks arrest of NBA's Kanter


"Istanbul (AFP) - Turkey issued an arrest warrant on Friday for Turkish NBA star Enes Kanter, accusing him of being a member of a "terror group", a pro-government newspaper reported. … The Swiss-born star hit back at the Sabah story on Twitter, sharing a screenshot of the article, adding: "You cannot catch me. Hahaha. Don't waste your energy. "I am already going to come to (Turkey) to spit on all of your ugly, hate-filled faces." Sabah daily added that the prosecutor would apply for an Interpol red notice -- to inform Interpol's 190 members that someone's arrest is sought and thus ensure their deportation -- to the justice ministry. Kanter, who has compared Erdogan to Adolf Hitler, was detained in Romania at the weekend after being informed that his Turkish passport had been cancelled. He claimed the cancellation was linked to his criticism of Erdogan's government and told reporters on Monday he would seek American citizenship." -


Kanter can stay in a Sanctuary City, on my couch.

[editor note: I have not told my wife. The smallest measure of bravery.]

Chaos Theory: An Oral History of the Seattle SuperSonics


"A long story short, there was chaos everywhere, dysfunction everywhere, weirdness everywhere and the owner trying to recreate history of what happened."

Russell Wilson's common sense op-ed on SoDo arena


Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, announced last year as a member of the Seattle Arena investor group trying to bring a new arena to the SoDo district, writes an op-ed on the arena in today's Seattle Times. He succinctly states why approving the conditional street vacation for the SoDo arena doesn't interfere with the KeyArena RFP process. Instead, it sends a message to both the NBA and NHL and also offers the city its most options.