Supersonic legend Lenny Wilkens and Sheryl Swoops shared experiences with Children at Hillside

For those that were in attendance for Hillside Connection's basketball clinic on August 7th at the United States Olympic and Paralympic Museum, they got themselves a lesson in hoops.

Hall of Famers and Basketball legends Lenny Wilkens and Sheryl Swoops took it upon themselves to speak to around 150 attendees and shared their knowledge about the game and life experiences they've had.

Wilkens was noted to have played and coached in the NBA from 1960-2005. He was the No. 6 pick to the St. Louis Hawks, which is now today's Atlanta Hawks, in the 1960 NBA Draft.

The player ended up second in the MVP voting for the 1967/68 campaign with Wilt Chamberlain taking the first. Having become a legend at the franchise, the Seattle Supersonics, which is today's Oklahoma City Thunder, had his No. 19 retired. As head coach, he ranks second in all-time wins having established a 1,332-1,155 record, which was cited by au online casinos.

Wilkens also won gold medals in Olympic basketball as an assistant coach on the Dream Team in 1992 and 1996.

Swoopes, on the other hand, was understood to have played in the WNBA from 1997 to 2011 while repping three franchises; Houston Comets, Seattle Storm and Tulsa Shock. Her most impressive feat happened with the Comets when she led the Houston franchise to four straight WNBA championship titles from 1997 to 2000. Impressive indeed.

However, Swoopes achievements didn't stop there as she won the league MVP in 2000, 2002 and 2005 as well as the defensive player of the year in 2000, 2002 and 2003. She also helped Team USA Basketball win a gold medal in 1996, 2000 and 2004 in her host of accomplishments.

Hillside Connection president and CEO, Terrell Brown took to the media to reveal that Hillside understands how important it was for Wilkens and Swoopes to share their wisdom and experiences with local children.

"When you have folks such as Coach Wilkens and Sheryl Swoopes in your backyard it’s important for us to come together and make events like this happen," Brown said to the media. "We saw the outcomes and hopefully the kids learned. It’s not just great to be around pros and hall-of-famers but they also provided real-life lessons."

Wilkens and Swoopes had previously spoken to campers regarding the importance of mentorship. The duo's background in sports remains part of their legacies, they had to overcome many obstacles to achieve what they had. They clarified that the children are capable of achieving the same feat as them.

"All of you have a future and you choose to do with your life. You’re in control of that," Swoopes said via best big win casinos usa. "Take advantage of moments like this. Take advantage of opportunities when you have people such as myself and Coach [Wilkens] who come out and spend time with you and give you words of advice and wisdom."

"Give me an opportunity and I can make a difference and that’s what I want [these kids] to see," Wilkens said. "Sports teach you that you don’t have to be a player; you can be a general manager, the marketing rep, the PR director. There’s so much you can do. Use it and learn all the things that surround you and then you can have a bright future."

"Whether you like her or not, the point is she’s the very first," Swoopes continued. "When I’m speaking to young boys and girls, it’s great to point to different professions and say she did it. Do you think people thought Vice President Harris would be vice president when she was their age? … It’s moments like that where you can point to different professions and careers and that makes a big difference."

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