Drafted by Supersonics: Russell Westbrook happy to return to hometown with Lakers

Since moving from Leuzinger High School to dominate at UCLA, Russell Westbrook has always represented Los Angeles. Despite not being certain if he'll be getting a chance to play in his hometown at the NBA stage.

Westbrook was previously drafted by the Seattle SuperSonics, which was transformed to the Oklahoma City Thunder, and he plied his trade with the franchise for 11 years. The player could be said to have lost control over his career as the OKC planned to restructure the entire franchise. He ended up being traded to the Houston Rockets before spending the last two seasons with the Washington Wizards, with best online casino au keeping the odds every time.

This summer, the 32-year-old point guard was traded once more. But this time, he was sent back to his hometown, where he would fit into a team that could stand a chance at winning the NBA title.

Westbrook became the newest point guard to join the Los Angeles Lakers, where he will be partnering up with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who led the team to the championship title in 2020.

Speaking about his new franchise in his introductory press conference on Tuesday, Westbrook said: "Being from L.A., you always wish that you can play for your home team and be able to do that. But that’s definitely something that always kind of circled around in my mind. And maybe one day. But I would always come back and be like, ‘Ahh, that probably won’t happen.'"

Having previously lost hope of representing his hometown in the NBA, he was finally able to achieve his dream this week. There will be huge pressure on Los Angeles, with all that firepower in the team, as well as questions regarding the player's fitness.
Before this trade was made ahead of the NBA Draft, many believed that the Los Angeles team will be in the market for a sharpshooter, which is not a role Westbrook excelled in.

However, the former OKC remains a dynamic player and will be ready to assist James, who had been the franchise's only elite point guard for the past two campaigns.

He added via : "Bron is one of the best players to play this game, and his ability to be able to kind of do everything on the floor allows me to be able to just figure it out. I’m coming to a championship-caliber team and my job is to make sure that I’m able to make his game easier for him, and I’ll find ways to do that throughout the game."

Being with a new franchise and returning to his hometown, Russell Westbrook is bound to drop top-level performances for the Los Angeles Lakers this coming season. Many watchful eyes will be on him, and Oklahoma City Thunder fans will be happy to see him excel.

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