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Seattle Mayor Ed Murray seeks transparency

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray found out that the EIS would be delayed four months on Thursday, January 15th.

SR Round Table: Reflecting on '14 & Predicting '15

With 2014 ending tonight the SonicsRising staff reflects on 2014 and looks ahead to the year that will be in 2015.

Which NBA player could both be a player/coach?

This is the week, in 1977, that Lenny Wilkens took over the 5-17 Seattle Supersonics, turning them into an NBA Finals team. In Wilkens' prior stints as the Sonics coach he was both a player-coach, but not this time.

Sonics Arena in Draft Form

A 107-page document posted at Seattle's Department of Planning reveals a few more details about the proposed arena.

Details are adding up for hockey fans in Seattle

A potential hockey investor is a Seattle area property investor.

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Former NBA Player Cliff Robinson is on CBS's Survivor

"Ed will make it a priority that it gets done."

Mayoral candidate Ed Murray wants you to know where his priorities are at.

Which candidate supports the Seattle arena in SoDo

Mike McGinn and Ed Murray agree on one thing, the arena in SoDo, but only one got the endorsement of a major arena opponent, Peter Steinbrueck, and that candidate is Ed Murray. I'll tell you why Murray got the endorsement.

Sonics return a billion dollar question?

Will it cost a billion dollars for Seattle, Chris Hansen and Steve Ballmer, to get an expansion NBA franchise?

Sonics Fans Influence Seattle's Primary Election

Sonics Fans Could Influence Seattle's Primary Election, but Only if the Vote.