Seattle is among the top cities that could host a new franchise

With the sports world continue to expand, the number of teams in each league will also some changes. The NBA is not exempt from this as searching for NBA expansion cities has been going on for some years now.

The major league is considered to be one of the top two sports markets in the United States. The NBA currently has 30 teams playing in its league, and it could take the same route as the NHL by adding two more expansion teams, according to best online casinos usa.

Recently, the topic about NBA expansion cities was brought up once more when the Toronto Raptors had to find themselves a temporary place to play this past season with the Covid-19 pandemic taking its toll as Canada still had its restrictions at the border.

It now seems to be a when, not if, the Basketball major league will expand the league to 32 teams. More teams mean more revenue for the league, and with the continuous growth basketball has been undergoing in the last few years, new markets are set to be explored in the coming years.

Here are a few of the NBA expansion team ideas that could be initiated.

Seattle Washington

Seattle is a popular and obvious choice as it is no stranger to hosting NBA games. It was the home of Seattle SuperSonics for several years before the team migrated to Oklahoma City. Whenever relocation was brought, Seattle always comes up at the top of the list. A home for a Seattle basketball team has been stationed. The Climate Change Arena is home to NHL's newest expansion team the Seattle Kraken.

That arena, however, used to be home to the SuperSonics, when they were around. Considering that the Kraken, Mariners, Seahawks and Storm are all in the area, it's no wonder Seattle always comes out on top of the list when it comes to NBA expansion for a potential NBA team.


Las Vegas, Nevada

One of the most luxurious cities across the world is slowly becoming a great place for sports teams. The NHL installed their 31st team there as the Golden Knights and the Raiders from the NFL being moved to the city from Oakland, and best Australian online casinos sees the city as a possibility.

There is also the Las Vegas Aces who compete in the WNBA, so Las Vegas is definitely a top consideration for a new NBA team. The new basketball team could potentially share the T-Mobile Arena with the Golden Knights if possible.

Louisville, Kentucky

No major sports team has a place in Kentucky, yet it remains one of the spaces up for grabs. Louisville was previously reported to be in the running to host the Toronto Raptors before the team moved to Florida temporarily to play due to the pandemic. Louisville is also home to the KFC Yum! Center which is large enough to host an NBA match as well as its crowd.

Honourable mentions will be Nashville (Tennessee) and Tampa (Florida).

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