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Since our beloved Sonics have left I've been to over 1,500+ events to remind people of what we lost. I've been to every type of political event, Republican, Democrat, Occupy ( Heck I've even been to 7 Tea Party events) because the Sonics DON'T belong to an ideology -- they belong to everyone. I've also been to EVERY type of sporting event . I've actually been to 2 types of Women's Football (Lingerie and Full pads) I've always tried to leave people with a positive impression of the team I loved. As a writer I'll try and bring you my unique point of view, I mean who else is over 6'5" tall, has an Afro and wears Gold pants.

'Twas the Night Before the Big Games

Chris Hansen:The Most Interesting Man in the World

Chris Hansen, hands down.

The Things I Am Thankful For

Sonics Guy gives you the things he is thankful for on this Thanksgiving Day.

A Quick Election Round-Up

Seahawks Math

Will the Hawks make the playoffs? This wasn't always so easy to answer.

Open Letter to the Man Elected Mayor of Seattle

As this article went to press before the results of the Mayoral election, this is a letter congratulating the winner.

The Halloween Dilemma for the Sonics Guy.

My Halloween Dilemma

It's Time to Watch the NBA Again

As the season begins tonight, it's time to move on from all the anger and hatred, the love of basketball is so much bigger than the NBA.

Sonics Guy's thoughts on the Seattle Mayoral race.

Let's Win with McGinn

I'm The World's Worst Scalper

Sonics Guy recounts his day delivering the message of the Sonics at the Husky/Arizona game a few weeks ago and how he became the world's worst scalper in the process.